In the end, stories are all we have. Make yours last.


Legacy Films works closely with individuals and families to craft documentaries that will stand the test of time.


As Clara Zwick approached her 100th birthday, her family wanted a way to remember her that went beyond words on a page or pictures in a book. Clara’s Legacy Film captures her story and her spirit for her family to cherish for years to come. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I get ready?
The main preparation is living a life worth remembering, which you have already managed. If you are worried about forgetting something, writing down a few brief notes before the interview can be helpful. Preparing past this point, in our experience, can give the conversation the feeling of a performance. This is usually counterproductive.

How do you handle interruptions during filming?
The point of the filmed conversation is to capture you at your best. Thanks to the magic of editing, bathroom breaks, re-takes, lunch, or any other interruptions pose no problem to this.

Can you incorporate photos or poems into the film? Or a live performance from me?

Can you create a shorter version of the film for use in a eulogy?

Absolutely. We’ve done this for a number of clients with great success.

Do I own the final results?
Yes. Your Legacy Film is yours to share and store as you like.

Can I pick the background music?
Absolutely. But if you'd prefer us to do so, our experienced editors are happy to make an appropriate selection.

Do I have the right to delete my film in the future if I want to?
Yes. Your film is your film, to do with what you will.

Can I distribute the film digitally to friends and relatives? 
Yes. The delivery of your Legacy Film will include a password-protected link that you can give out to anyone you like.

Should I wear formal clothes for the interview?
You should dress however you feel most comfortable. Solid colors work best.